Resocialization gives a -2 penalty to wisdom and forces you to behave towards all individuals of superior ‘rank’ to you in the association you work for, as if dominated by them as ‘dominate person’.

There are various techniques that result in resocialization, most are drug based, but some can be the result of psionic ‘treatment’ (read: torture).

Anyone with telepathy can psionically torture a character with missives and the application of interrogation techniques (use regular rules for torture, intimidation, etc.), however the more efficient method is drugs.

Type 1

Simply dubbed ‘type 1’ by confederate doctors, as the product is not commercially available and as such strictly classified for use in resoc.

Most likely it acts as a sedative, and some kind of a highly reactive psychotropic neural stimulator. The patient is then hooked up to electrodes which feed off neural impulses. Using a brain map on a simple hard drive (or holo drive/quantum virtual bank) and techniques resulting from the advanced application of scientific psionic study, they are able to ‘overlap’ the patient’s memories right down to the subconscious while the patient is in a comatose dreaming phase, ‘exhaling memories’ through bubbles in a tank.

Type 2

Like ‘type 1’, it is simply dubbed such by confederate doctors. Considered ‘non-invasive’, it can force an individual to obey any strongly given order from anyone. Assuming they both speak the same language, if the person giving the order is not of higher rank than the victim, they may make an opposed intimidate check with the victim as a standard action (victim can oppose with intimidate check of their own or will save) and if successful, the victim must obey.

Type 3

Ordained for ‘reapers’ that have visited the ‘ice house’, Type 3 was developed by dominion doctors. In addition to the usual affects of resoc (but not the affects of type 2 or 1), it grants ‘alertness’ as the feat, above and beyond the usual increased aggression offered by standard marine-level resoc. Note that this also stacks with alertness, if the feat is taken or is granted by some other means such as racial or familiar.

NOTE: Resocialized can be taken as a flaw or as a roleplaying niche. If the latter, then discuss with the GM how this can be played into an adventure effectively. Usually, their are logically some mechanical benefits (that correspond with the fluff) such as bonus physical related skill points (Strength and Dex but not necessarily Constitution’s concentration), bonus levels in an NPC class such as warrior or bonus martial feats, proficiencies, EXAs, etc.


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